Biological wastewater treatment using bacterial metabolism for removing various organic and inorganic pollutions is an essential component of purifying processes involving treatment by means of immobilized bacteria (fixed film) and/or suspended growth reactor.

Suggested by SVERIT LTD. biological ISBS (Integrated Spatial Bacterial Succession) process provides robust & effective solutions for sewage treatment tasks.

The first goal of the ISBS (Integrated Spatial Bacterial Succession) technology is to provide an effective and foolproof system for biological sewage treatment.

The second goal of the ISBS technology is to provide expanded accessibility of nutrients to microorganisms used for sewage treatment.

The third goal of the ISBS technology is application of a device with specifically adapted biofilter and air dispersal system, which allows to improve accessibility of nutrients to microorganisms and to preserve robust active biomass concentration.

The «ISBS» (Integrated Spatial Bacterial Succession) technology for biological wastewater purification is the set of technological units, systems and equipment providing multi-stage process of sewage treatment.

The main principle of this technology is a forming the three-dimensional hydrobionts succession (ISBS) in a well-stirred continuous-flow bioreactor using fixed biomass and specific air dispersal system – [Package Advanced Treatment ISBS-Bioreactor – PATR].

Integrated Spatial Bacterial Succession is a microbiocenosis, suspended in reactor liquid medium and fixed on the Multilayer Inert Carrier (M.I.C.). ISBS in reactor’s bulk is formed by using the bio-cluster TOP (Three-D Original Package). Surprisingly effective biological wastewater treatment process is performed in aerobic continuous-flow foolproof reactor by means of this bio-cluster TOP.

Patented Multilayer Inert Carrier enabling to fix microorganisms and to form three-dimensional space filled by immobilized and suspended hydrobionts (ISBS) is an essential component of Three-D Original Package – bio-cluster TOP.

The number of Three-D Original Packages is determined by technological parameters of influent wastewater and purified water quality.

Complete biological wastewater treatment including nitrification, denitrification and aerobic biomass stabilization is realized strictly in accordance with the generic composition of hydrobionts fixed onto Multilayer Inert Carrier.  Necessary conditions for existence of fixed biological forms which assimilate organic and non-organic contamination without biomass “cumulative gain” (steady-state process) are created by means of ambient environment in the bio-cluster TOP.